My fave art

It took me a little to start and just pick one favourite piece of art because every artist is fabulous in its own right. Then, I decided to go with two as well. I cannot say that these are my favourites since I love so many but certainly are representatives of the kind of art that fascinates me. The first comes from the fashion world and the other is a fuse of music, paintings, sculpture and photography all together.

The first picture is the last collection of Alexander McQueen called Plato’s Atlantis which alludes to the myth of Atlantis. What strikes me is the craftsmanship of the dresses with animal patterns and McQueen’s silhouette of these humans evolved into amphibians.

The second one is a composition of Jeff Koons. In the front we see an overscale sculpture of Lady Gaga with a royal blue gazing ball. In the back, the images are an ode to Warhol’s diptych with one panel in black and the other panel in bright colours of the Monroe portrait. Koons’ rendition blends two paintings; Bernini’s painting of Apollo and Daphne bringing the grays and Botticelli’s Birth of Venus offering the contrast of colour.

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