Hi darling 😀

I’m Andrés a.k.a Franco Panthera, a Colombian kid based in Belgium, who was brought up to Pop Music and Fashion shows‘ streaming.

Growing up and still today, music has always the perfect shelter and doorway to magical worlds. What would have been of me during those teenage years without the Spice Girls?

My second love I found zipping and zapping TV channels from MTV to Fashion TV. It didn’t take long before I find myself basking in the otherworldly fashion shows of John Galliano x Dior and Alexander McQueen, or in the fierce looks of Versace. So I learned to strut and prance like Gisele Bündchen baby. Ohh! you should have seen me through my school corridors!

Icons galore, so I thought of paying homage to all those legends that gave me and continue giving me life with this brand.

Franco Panthera is the collision of fashion icons, pop culture and general shenanigans in high quality, sustainable clothing and accessories.

I’d love to hear from you if you feel like connecting on social media or email: andres@francopanthera.com

I hope you enjoy wearing your fave icons as much as I do. Thank you!


Franco Panthera.



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